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This website page is here for information and education.  It is NOT here to shock or upset anyone.  In recent years the harm caused by infant circumcision is becoming public knowledge.  The information and images shown on this website are available on several other educational public websites.

Like many babies, David Reimer had his penis amputated during a routine infant circumcision.  After castration and  gender re-assignment surgery, David became 'Brenda' and was brought up as a girl.  At the age of 14, she found out the truth and became 'David' again.  David committed suicide in 2004.  His twin brother died of a drugs overdose.  His Mother is still devastated.

To make the infant circumcision situation different:  VOTE on our survey.  Your vote is anonymous.  The result of the survey will be forwarded to the AAP, The Council of Europe, and other authorities, who will be debating this subject this year. 

Starting Life Without A Penis

All of these sacrifices have been made in the name of infant circumcision.  In the USA, the Academy of American Paediatrics stated that the benefits of circumcising baby boys, outweighed any harm that has been caused to the few.  There is no other medical authority in the civilised world that agrees with this statement.

The victim in the adjacent photograph became infected after a non-medical infant circumcision.  Galloping gangrene set in.

This boy has a 'Necrosed' penis after a botched circumcision.  soon after this photograph was taken,  the 'dead' penis detached itself from the victims body.  He became a candidate for gender re-assignment surgery.

The Council of Europe & The British Government

The United Kingdom and The Council of Europe need to address the ethics regarding non-medical infant circumcision.  (genital mutilation)

In the United Kingdom it is  LEGAL for any member of the public, including tourists, to cut the genitals of a newborn baby boy, provided that the parents give consent.  In the United Kingdom male genital cutting is the only surgical procedure that can be carried out by anyone.  YES read that correctly. Surgical circumcision on a baby boy is un-regulated in the United Kingdom.  You do not even have to be British.  You can be a tourist.

The United Kingdom has done little to prevent life changing, and catastrophic injuries to baby boys, including death.  Anyone, you, me, your friends, your neighbour, or the local barber can set up a business circumcising.  You do not have to register anywhere.  There are no regulations to adhere to, and you do not have to be qualified or have any experience.  Tattoo and ear piercing artists, do however have to register, adhere to guidelines and prove their qualifications and experience before a 'Licence to Practice' is granted by the British Government.  Consequently, every year babies in the UK die.  Many more experience the worst mutilation possible.  But we must keep quiet, for fear of offending someone who has the freedom and the human right to cut a baby boy's penis.  Circumcision  and it's negative effects, is a subject that appears to be ignored, obscured and downplayed within the UK.

The United Kingdom has a problem with female circumcision.  This is not surprising.  Female genital mutilation (FGM) is ILLEGAL.  It was condemned by law in 1986.  It carries a prison sentence of up to 14 years. An estimated 66,000 British women in the United Kingdom have been genitally mutilated.  The British Government estimates that a further 24,000 girls, under the age of 15 years, are at risk.  Over the years, numerous self appointed 'Circumcisers' or 'Genital Mutilators' have been arrested for cutting young girls genitalia:  NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER BEEN PROSECUTED (January 2018) 

(All of the above information has been taken from documents provided by the British Government.  As far as we are concerned, the information above is as good as true and is written here in good faith.)

C A U T I O N     Scroll down if you wish to see infant circumcision disasters.  The images on this website are for information and educational purposes.  The same images are published on numerous other public websites

USA - Man Sues After Forced Circumcision

An American man has file a case after being  Circumcised' against his wishes. Although a consent form was signed at the time he claims that no one ever told him or his Mother exactly what was going to be removed during the operation.  His Mother was not told that he would loose the 'ridged band' of the foreskin which contains  'fine touch nerve receptors' which allows for normal sexual intercourse.  He claims that he is at a considerable sexual loss and that this was never explained to his Mother at the time.

His Lawyer: David Llewellyn is an expert covering the legal side to genital injuries. › Health‎ 12 Nov 2013 - A three-month-old infant has been left mutilated after doctors cut off his penis ... Taking Son To Get Circumcised After Doctors Botch Procedure.

And this is what the Doctors in the Medical World have to say about Infant Cicumcision.............."The good news is that if circumcisions are performed with clean, sharp instruments by trained professionals, the procedure itself is fairly safe and simple. Most are performed with no serious problems or complications. There is the chance that the patient may experience slight pain, bleeding, infection or irritation, but the most likely scenario is discomfort during the healing process" ......Such a shame that the little boys above probably will not agree them.

Infant Circumcision Disasters

This is what happens to babies when circumcision goes completely wrong  .......

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When circumcision goes wrong, there is no turning back:  Gender re-assignment does not work and the specialised nerves and structure of the male sex organ can never be replaced by reconstructive surgery.

This little boy here was fit and healthy and had a normal penis before they did this to him.  He has had all of his penile skin removed by mistake ( Plastibell procedure)

This sort of mutilation happens frequently.  The baby boy is just eight days old.  Many people from the civilised world agree that circumcision is a good thing and they accept the risks involved, but will any of the boys on this web page agree to that when they grow up ?

The victim here has spent the first thirteen days of his life being tortured. The penis has necrosed and is dead.... It will 'slough' off .....but the worst is yet to come.

Situations like this cost the insurance companies millions.  The glans has become detached from the penis stump.  How will this boy grow up ?  What will they say to him ?  Will he be psychologically ill for his whole life ?

This young boy has already had the glans or head of his penis removed.  What will happen to him when he grows up ?  Who is to blame for this senseless genital modification.  

This victim has not been in this world for very long.  His penis has been 'surgically' destroyed.  Here is a picture of him just before his penis dropped off due to a 'botched' Plastibell Circumcision - Necrosis of the Penis.

and yet they still keep on genital cutting !

Extracts From  'The Journal of Paediatric Urology'   (USA)

Circumcision is harmful every time.  The photographs below show the effects of circumcision procedures which have gone wrong.  They show what one man can do to another. The victims are normal healthy baby boys, who had nothing wrong with them.  Their lives have been destroyed.  What  risk is   acceptable   for an infant who has no disease and gives no consent.   Every year in the civilised western world many babies die after being subjected to genital mutilation.  Many more grow up to become sexual cripples, all because society and the law allow it to happen.   In the United Kingdom 'circumcision' is the only medical procedure that can be carried out on another male infant, by any member of the public, provided that he or she has the consent of the parents.

Viafin-Atlas opposes Infant Genital Mutilation.