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Not happy with your circumcision  ?

Watch the video and see how the SenSlip Foreskin can work for you.

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SenSlip Foil Pack

The  SenSlip   Foreskin .....helps restore sensitivity to the circumcised penis. Sensitivity is often lost through circumcision and sometimes foreskin restoration is not always an option.  The  SenSlip   Foreskin  is designed to protect the 'glans' or head of the penis against dryness and chaffing, caused by constant exposure to clothing.  You wear it every day. It feels good.  It looks and works similar to a natural foreskin on an uncut penis.  Over time the, the membrane of the glans will become smoother and more soft.  The glans will start to de-keratinise, giving you increased sensitivity.

The  SenSlip  Foreskin  for Circumcised Men

The  SenSlip*  Foreskin  has been designed by Viafin-Atlas to help men restore sensitivity to the circumcised penis

You can get started for just 43 Euros for the Trial Size Pack.  The SenSlip Foreskin is a prosthetic device device which has been designed to be worn daily. It is a natural process of de- keratinization which you should be able to see and feel the difference, with a few days of use.

Circumcised  ?     -     SenSlip Foreskin

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SenSlip*  Foreskin  -  worn daily, you can see and feel the difference within days. Available in 10 Sizes & 4 Skin Colours

Since 2005,  Viafin-Atlas have sold over 240,000 SenSlip products worldwide.

Circumcision can cause many problems.  Being circumcised is not the personal choice of many.  The  SenSlip  Foreskin  can help men overcome the effects of being circumcised.  The SenSlip  Foreskin  is an innovative concept, designed to enhance sexual health and wellbeing.  When it is worn daily, penis sensitivity can be improved quickly, easily and safely.  The SenSlip   Foreskin  is comfortable, practical and most importantly - it works. 

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 SenSlip*  Foreskin  -  available in ten sizes , 4 pack quantities & 4 colours


Circumcision poblems ?

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 Did you know that 76% of circumcised men are not happy with their circumcision ?  Viafin-Atlas survey 2019 - 2022