The Benefits of theSenSlip foreskin

Being circumcised, permanently effects the natural function,

appearance and sensitivity of the penis.  Some men are happy

with being circumcised, but an increasing number of men are not.  During recent years much medical research has been carried out

by various institutions to confirm the function and purpose of the foreskin and the detrimental effects that circumcision can have

on the circumcised penis.


The SenSlip  foreskin  can provide for you:

A flexible, protective and comfortable retractable cover for your glans.


An affordable 'Artificial Foreskin'

Immediate protection of the glans from underwear and the elements.


A program for reversing the lack of glans sensitivity.


A deeper and more enjoyable orgasm.


Natural de-keratinization of the glans.

(thinning of the existing calloused skin)


A softer a smoother glans which will become more sensitive to touch and feel.


A feeling of warmth, security and self-esteem


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'Circumcised' Adult Penis 



Normal 'Intact' Adult Penis

The text below describes two adult penises.

They are both completely different.


The 'circumcised' penis is the result of a  'normal'  circumcision.  The foreskin and highly erogenous tissue has been removed along with about 20,000 sexually sensitive nerve endings. The 'glans' or 'penis head' (normally an internal body part) is  dried, crusted and calloused.  The skin on the head of the penis is up to fifteen times thicker than the normal 'intact' penis. The shaft of the penis is scarred.  Penis sensitivity is lost due to the lack of the protective and sexually sensitive  'foreskin' cover.  The already de-sensitised  'circumcised  penis' will certainly become even less sensitive with age.


The normal 'intact penis' or 'uncut penis', 


The double layer of highly sexually sensitive 'foreskin'  tissue that rolls backwards and forwards when sexually stimulated can been seen and experienced by it's owner, and if required, his lover or partner.  

To read more about circumcision - Please see our Circumcision Page

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Wearing the SenSlip foreskin  every day can increase penis sensitivity naturally.

Improved SenSlip foreskin  version available now.

SenSlip  Foreskin 

Welcome to the  SenSlip  artificial foreskin  information Page. 


The latest version  SenSlip artificial foreskin  has been designed for men who have been circumcised and suffer from a lack of penis sensitivity due to the absence of specialised nerves and skin tissue.

Experience the SenSlip  foreskin

'Trial Size Pack' for just  € 43 Euros  or  £ 38

Wearing the SenSlip foreskin everyday can increase

penis sensitivity naturally.


'Circumcision' ranges from cutting a piece of skin off the prepuce (foreskin) to removing up to 80% of the penile skin structure or all of the penile skin completely, leaving the penile shaft embedded in the pubic area, and much worse.  In other words.....the act of "circumcision" covers just about any operative procedure that involves tissue being cut from the penis. 


Unlike female circumcision (FGM), which is clearly defined into three different  and specific categories,  male circumcision (MGM) has never been medically and legally defined or endorsed as a 'specific or precise' procedure.

Over 200,000 SenSlip artificial foreskin  products sold worldwide


     2004 - 2023

  SenSlip*  Foreskin    Trial Size Pack  ( 4 Sizes )

  € 43 Euros

  SenSlipForeskin    Pack of 10

  € 95 Euros
  SenSlip*  Foreskin    Pack of 20
  € 165 Euros
  SenSlip*  Foreskin    Pack of 40
  € 279 Euros

SenSlip* - Europe

SenSlip  Foreskin - 2021

To benefit from the maximum from the SenSlip foreskin, we recommend that you wear it as much as possible throughout the day and if you like at night as well.  The SenSlip  foreskin  is adjustable in length and the ten different sizes available relate to the 'circumference' or 'girth' of the Penis shaft.

It should be a very comfortable garment to wear and it will become apparent as soon as you put it on.  Each SenSlip foreskin  lasts between five and ten days.  They are hand washable.

TheSenSlip  foreskin  has been designed to reverse the effects of circumcision on the.  The SenSlip  foreskin  is a soft double layered pre-vulcanized latex sheath.  It is anatomically formed and designed to function like a natural penis foreskin.

    A Great Way To Start....

The Trial Size Pack consists of four different sizes closest to your chosen size.  There are ten different sizes to choose from so you get your chosen size, the size below and the two sizes above.  Example:  You select Size 5......You will get Sizes 4,5,6 & 7.  The Trial Size Pack ensures that you get the perfect size

SenSlip Foreskin - Light Pink

SenSlip Foreskin - Dark Pink

SenSlip Foreskin - Mid Brown

​SenSlip Foreskin - Near Black

SenSlip*  Foreskin a'Registered Trademark'

 SenSlip foreskin  increases sensitivity to the circumcised penis

SenSlipForeskin                 SenSlip Europe

Did you know that 76% of circumcised men are unhappy with their circumcision ?  Viafin-Atlas Survey 2017 - 2018

SenSlip * foreskin increases sensitivity to the circumcised penis naturally.


Foreskin restoration is a widely accepted method of re-generating additional penile skin to cover the glans or head of the penis. For some men these methods are uncomfortable, unpractical and they take too long.  Worldwide, many existingSenSlip  foreskin  customers have benefitted from the SenSlip  foreskin  program and have experienced improved sensitivity, glans texture and sexual satisfaction. 


The latest improved  SenSlip  artificial foreskin  is available in different sizes and colours, to allow for variations between individuals. With TEN sizes we want you to be correctly fitted from the start.

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