SenSlip* Foreskin  ....  is a  'Registered Trademark'

Viafin-Atlas... manufacturing the  SenSlip foreskin  since 2005

Over the last ten years Viafin-Atlas has

manufactured and supplied many tens of

thousands of  SenSlip foreskin  products to

customers worldwide.  They have operated

through web based platforms specialising in

online sales and distribution and partnered with PayPal  who have consistently maintained the largest, safe and secure transaction platform in the world.  From 1999 to 2004 a dedicated program of research was carried out by FM Research and numerous other institutions that concluded that male circumcision (MGM) could be the cause of several physical and psychological problems experienced by those who have been circumcised.  

One of the problems associated with circumcision is lack of sensitivity. The amount of the penile skin structure removed is directly related to the lack of penis sensitivity.  The lack of sensitivity gets worse with age.

Today, Viafin-Atlas is the foremost world leader in the production of foreskin prostheses or artificial foreskins.  The products are manufactured in a purpose built facility near Salisbury, England.  

Salisbury - England

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SenSlip Foreskin Enhances Sensitivity

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PayPal Business

PayPal has been the payment platform for Viafin-Atlas and their supply of the  SenSlip foreskin  products worldwide since 2005.  They have proved overwhelmingly to be the easiest, safest and most secure platform for Viafin-Atlas.  All orders are dispatched to your registered PayPal address.

Order Delivery & Postage Times

Viafin-Atlas try to dispatch the same day or within 24 hours of an order  received.  All of our products are dispatched from Europe. Postage times vary with Public Holidays, Customs/Security etc.  but stated below is a rough guide taken from our historic statistics.

USPS to USA            (6 - 10 Days)

Europe                       (4 - 6 Days)

UK                             (4 - 6 Days)                                     

Asia                           (8 - 14 Days)

South America           (8 - 14 Days)

Australia & N.Z.         (6 - 10 Days)

South Africa              (6 - 12 Days)

Viafin-Atlas Ltd.

Opposed To Genital Mutilation ?

After much research into the effects of circumcision carried out by numerous institutions worldwide, Viafin-Atlas  (Formerly FM Research) was formed to provide

a solution to overcome the effects that circumcision can have on the long term function of the penis.