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Viafin-Atlas  -  We have been manufacturing the SenSlip  Artificial Foreskin  since 2005.  During that time we have distributed over 160,000SenSlipproducts worldwide.  About half of our sales are from the United States of America where about  80% of the male population have been circumcised. In Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, Sweden & Finland) circumcision is virtually unheard of, and is only carried out on less than  1% of the male population for extreme medical conditions.  In Europe, about  3% of the male population have been circumcised. 

Europe & Scandinavia are unable to find ANY valid reason for circumcising baby boys.  Some of the countries within Europe and Scandinavia are in the process of making non-therapeutic infant circumcision illegal as it is now regarded as a breach of a child's right to bodily integrity. 

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