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Welcome to the Ladies Page

Viafin-Atlas Ltd.  The inventors of the  Senslip Foreskin  ... the worlds first Artificial Foreskin for Circumcised men.

The man in your life can worry about many things.  The older he gets the more his body concerns him. while it is easy to try and reassure him, one area where reassurance is sometimes not enough, is his penis.

He may have many questions and self doubts, most of which are only real in his mind.....but one thing that is frequently true for a circumcised man, is the lack of sensitivity in the head of his penis.  Years of wear and abrasion against his clothing has toughened the skin of his glans or head of his penis, along with over twenty thousand nerve endings that were taken away  with his

foreskin.  He is likely to be receiving less stimulation during  sex than an un - circumcised or

uncut man.  An uncircumcised penis with a normal foreskin has on average an extra 12 square

inches or 72 square centimetres of sexually sensitive tissue.  That piece of skin is about the size

of a postcard.

Most ladies claim that part of their desire is to know that their partner  is receiving the maximum

pleasure possible during sexual activity. If your man has been circumcised, wearing the SenSlip

Artificial Foreskin  on a daily basis will help restore the sensitivity to the head of his penis and

therefore increase his sexual pleasure.  Sadly, the sensitivity of a circumcised penis decreases

with age.

Have you ever bought your man boxer shorts, only to find that he cannot wear them as they

make him sore ?  When wearing the SenSlip   with boxer shorts or other underwear made

from any material is no longer a problem. The SenSlip protects the most sensitive part of his

penis from friction caused by movement.  Just think how many women get 'jogger's nipple'

caused by movement of their breasts against their clothing. Now imagine the extra movement

at the end of your man's penis - OUCH!

Over the last nine years we have sold many tens of thousands of the SenSlip products to

every corner of the world.  About 15 % of our orders are from females purchasing the product

on behalf of their partner.  If you need to contact us about anything, please feel free to do so.


The SenSlip Foreskin is not to be used for penetration.

The SenSlip Foreskin is not a sex toy. Your man puts

it on in the morning and takes it off at night., just like his


The SenSlip product contains natural rubber latex

which may cause allergic reactions.  Safe use of this

product by or on latex -  sensitive individuals has

not been established.

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