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Circumcision Help & Foreskin Related Links

Viafin-Atlas have chosen to place some relevant links for educational

purposes.  If you have a link that could help us to help the

community, please contact us on our  Contact Page

Circumcision Support, Foreskin & Human Rights Related Information

"Some viewers may be laughing ..... but there are many silent victims out there ..... We know"

There are many circumcision, foreskin restoration and MGM websites on the world wide web.  There are several different websites that offer support for people who are having problems with their circumcision.  Viafin-Atlas Ltd. has a policy of not providing any kind of medical advice, but we always make the effort to help where and when we can.

There is an increasing number of news releases regarding all aspects of both male and female circumcision from all around the world.  Some of the website links below may help you in finding out the information that you require.   If you have a WEBSITE or a NEWS RELEASE, or just think that Viafin-Atlas should post another link or some more news,  then please let us know.......CONTACT US NOW

Circumcision Help and Foreskin Related Links

Are You mentally and physically affected by circumcision or just sick of being circumcised...You are not alone.  Viafin-Atlas have had thousands of emails from men since 2005 who have a varying range of Male Genital Mutilation caused by Circumcision.    Don't be afraid, we are all here to help.  Here are some other organisations which specialise in support..........

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