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Circumcised ?  .......  Beat Circumcision with SenSlip Foreskin

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Viafin-Atlas Ltd. have been supplying the world over with the  SenSlip

foreskin  since 2005.  We have dispatched over 240,000  SenSlip

foreskin  products to 60 countries.  We dispatch our products daily

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To check your required size   CLICK HERE    Each  SenSlip foreskin  is sealed in fine medical grade packaging. Your order will include instructions on how to fit and wear the SenSlip  foreskin  and also, how to care for it. Your order will always be dispatched in plain and discreet packaging.  If this is the first time for you, we recommend the Trial Size Pack in the size closest to your size:  For example: ..... you order  'Size 5'  and you will receive  'Sizes 4,5,6 & 7'  to try out and find your best fit. (All prices are quoted in Euros but are debited by  PayPal  from your account in your own currency).   We always try to dispatch the same day or within 24 hours of an order being placed.  Your order will always be confirmed by email from us and also PayPal.   Shipping times with International Air Mail vary. To see our track record   CLICK HERE


Pack of 40 SenSlip* foreskin  products

With normal wear, this pack should last you 32 - 40 weeks   € 279 Euros

Select your size required and then select your colour.


Pack of 20 SenSlip foreskin products

With normal wear, this pack should last you 16 - 20 weeks.    € 165 Euros 

Select your size required and then select your colour.

SenSlip*  Foreskin

Pack of 10 SenSlip foreskin products

With normal wear, this pack should last you between 8 - 10 weeks.  €95 Euros

Select your size required and then select your colour.

SenSlip*  Foreskin

Trial Size Pack   ( 4  Sizes )

Trial the SenSlip.   4 different sizes closest to your chosen size. Try this pack first.  Thousands have done so, for only € 43 Euros 

Select your size required and then select your colour.

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SenSlip*Foreskin- Protection & Sensitivity For Circumcised Men

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Caution:  Part of this product contains natural pre-vulcanized rubber latex which in some people can cause allergic reactions.  Safe use of this product by or on latex sensitive individuals has not been established. If you have a known allergic reaction to latex products then we recommend that you do not use SenSlip*.

Order With Confidence & Security

Viafin-Atlas Ltd. have been dispatching the  Senslip  foreskin products for many years.  In accordance with the PayPal  rules, we can only dispatch to the PayPal  Registered Address on your account.  We do not, have not and never will hold any personal information on you.  All purchases by you to us are completely confidential.  We never pass on your address, or what you purchased to anyone.  We will never give your email address to anyone.

If you have a problem with your order being sent to your PayPal  Registered Address and would like to use a different address, please email us first.  We are here to help

Many customers of ours have thought that we hold the same details as PayPal.  That is never the case.  When you make an order, we receive an automated email from PayPal  telling us your Registered Address and what you have ordered from us.  They do not provide us with any other information about you.  This is whyPayPal  have millions of customers worldwide....because they are very good.