Measure the 'Circumference'

or 'Girth' all the way

round the shaft of

the penis. Do

not measure

the length. 

            Penis Circumference or Girth                            Size


            2. 13/16" (71mm)  -  2. 15/16" (75mm)

                    Size 2


            3" (76mm)  -   3. 1/8" (80mm)

                    Size 3


            3. 3/16" (81mm)  -   3. 3/8" (86mm)

                    Size 4


            3. 7/16" (87mm)  -  3. 11/16" (93mm)

                    Size 5


            3. 11/16" (94mm)  -  3. 15/16" (100mm)

                    Size 6

            4" (101mm)   -  4. 1/4" (108mm)

                    Size 7

            4. 5/16" (109mm)  -  4. 9/16" (116mm)

                    Size 8

            4. 5/8" (117mm)  -  4. 15/16" (125mm)

                    Size 9

            4. 15/16" (126mm)  -  5. 1/4" (133mm)

                    Size 10

            5. 1/4" (134mm)  -  5. 1/2" (139mm)

                    Size 11

SenSlip  Foreskin    Size Chart

The  SenSlip  Foreskin  is  flexible and expandable. We want you to experience the luxuriant feel and comfort of your new artificial foreskin to the maximum.  Please check out which one of the ten  SenSlip  Foreskin  sizes suits

you the most. 

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Senslip Foreskin for the Circumcised Penis

Finding the correct size is easy.  The penis is measured at the mid point of the penile shaft (halfway down the shaft) and is best carried out when you are standing up. We suggest that you use a clean piece of paper cut to about half an inch or 20mm in width or alternatively, use a piece of ribbon.  Wrap the paper or ribbon around the shaft and mark with a pen.  You can then use a ruler or a tape measure to measure the length of the ribbon or piece of paper.  When you have done this, wait for a minute and then do it again.  The length of the penis not required.  (The length of the SenSlip  Foreskin  is adjustable)

Below is a list of sizes available.  Find your measurement within the 'Circumference' or 'Girth' ranges and note of the size it corresponds to.

Example:  You measure your penis girth to be 83mm....then this corresponds to a 'Size 4' SenSlip  Foreskin .  If you order the  Trial Size Pack  then you will get the 'Size 4'  SenSlip  Foreskin  along with the Size below and the two sizes above (Sizes 3,4,5 & 6).  The Trial Size Pack is the best route for trying theSenSlip  Foreskin

 We need to know the 'Girth' or 'Circumference' of your flaccid (not erect) penis.