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Thank you for your time and effort in taking part in this Circumcision Survey.  Please contact us if you have a sound subject line for an additional Blue Poll for the Viafin-Atlas Infant Circumcision Survey.

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Question No: 8

For Anyone Male or Female

Question No: 7

For Female

Question No: 6

For Female

Question No: 5

For Male

Question No: 4 

For Male

Question No: 2 

For Male & Female

Question No: 3 

For Male

Question No: 1  

For Male & Female

Infant Circumcision Opinion Survey & Poll

Please take part in the Viafin-Atlas Infant Circumcision Survey.  It is completely anonymous but the results are public.  You can view the results of each Poll after you vote.  


Jan  2019 -  8000 participants haven taken part !

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Infant Circumcision Opinion Survey & Poll  2018 -2019

This Survey & Poll is replicated across several different websites.

Thank you for visiting this important page.  Your Views are welcomed and respected by Viafin-Atlas.  The purpose of this Survey is for you and  others to vote and see what everyone else believes.  The results of this survey will be politely forwarded to the American Academy of Paediatrics, the Council of Europe and various Health Ministers in Europe.  More and more people all over the world are asking a lot of questions about the ethics, or lack of them, regarding the Circumcising of Infants for non-medical reasons.

We ask you to see the 'Circumcision Disasters' page first.  CLICK HERE    Many people have been affected by Circumcision.  Some of those who were Circumcised as infants for non medical reasons, are very upset for a variety of reasons.  Many have been sexually disadvantaged.  Viafin-Atlas has had thousands of emails from men all over the world, during the last fourteen years to confirm this.  Please answer the Blue Polls honestly.  The eight questions are for Men & Women. 

There are just eight questions:  Three questions are for both Men & Women.  Three questions are solely for Men, and two questions are solely for women.  After you have voted, you can see the results of each Blue Poll question.

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